About us

Guided by local paranormal author and investigative historian William G. Krejci, Strange & Spooky Cleveland Tours delves into the most chilling historic haunts
– and terrifyingly true tales of woe – the city has to offer.

A variety of ghost walks and bus tours are offered throughout the year.

Special events are also available.

Your journey into Cleveland’s mysteries of the macabre awaits!

Your Host

Paranormal author and investigative historian William G. Krejci knows a thing or two about hauntings. He’s written numerous books on the subject, with more in the works, and for six years, served as the resident historian of Cleveland’s Franklin Castle.

He’s also appeared on many local and national programs such as Ghost Hunters, and has hosted the Haunted Put-in-Bay Ghost Walk for 4 years.

For 8 years, he worked as a Historic Interpreter and Park Ranger for the National Park Service. During that time, he honed his skill of researching history, rediscovering forgotten stories, and sorting fact from fiction. Having conducted in-depth research into all tours and events presented, William also brings his years of experience to the table.

Strange & Spooky - Haunted Ghost & Paranormal Tours of historical landmarks around Cleveland